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What To Ask ?

Past cannot be changed

The future is yet in your power

What You Will Get From a Reading With Me ?​

My philosophy is that the Tarot reading should be practical and informative. In my view, the aim of the Tarot reading should be such that it not only gives you an insight into a situation/issue(s) at hand, but also provides you with clarity that you might find useful for moving forwards in the best way possible, whilst at the same time facilitating healing and release.

That’s why my Tarot readings are:

– direct and to the point
– practical and without personal spin

My role during the Tarot reading is to guide you thought the process by helping you to pose focused and targeted questions to work on the core of your issue(s), challenges or stuck situations, such as: areas of your love, family, career, money and/or future. In my experience nothing shapes our journey through life so much as the questions we ask. Thus I will encourage you to ask direct questions that begin with: Why? How? What? By doing so you are really opening the door to any new insights but also to exploring and understanding the issue at hand, in depth.

Please Remember !

The future is not set in stone. A Tarot card reading can be used to map out trends in your future. It cannot give you definitive answers, but it can tell you what is likely to happen if you follow your current course of action. You always have a choice.


I highly recommend Mishka. She is a very gifted lady. I went to my reading with no expectations but I was blown away with Mishka’s accuracy regarding certain things I was dealing with at the time. What I like about Mishka’s readings was that she does not sugar coat anything and is straight to the point. She is very down to earth and I felt very comfortable with her. I was amazed at the accuracy of my reading and how Mishka picked up on things that there is no way she could have known about me, and yet somehow she did?! Again, I highly recommend Mishka if you want an honest and sincere reading.
Rhian Thomas
I must admit card readings, for many reasons, has been something that I have never indulged in. However knowing Mishka through a very good friend, probably only one of two that I deeply trust, it was a no brainer when she suggested it. And Wow, not only has she honed her skill at choosing the decks, and pulling and laying the cards, she has a great talent for reading the field. Mishka delivers the narrative in such a succinct, informative and grounded way that it empowers the recipient and provides a wonderful reflection for them to contemplate. Leaving the reading open to come what may, without any specific intention or query, M never missed the mark on any single aspect, totally spot on, providing little glimmers of golden nuggets that could be then fully integrated. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend a reading, whether for a specific question, general overview, or as a specific coaching, healing session. Much Gratitude Mishka , may you touch the hearts of many more people yet to com
Sarah Lee
Wow !!! I just had my reading and was very happy with it. It has given me a push for my future goals. Thank you so much and I will be back for another reading in the future, and will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you again!
Tomasz Sikorski
Never had a reading before but Mishka was great, explained everything I asked about and "demystified" the Tarots. Gave me lots of food for thought. Very friendly and calming from start to finish. Absolutely recommend her to anyone. Thanks
Paul Munro
Wonderful meeting with Mishka - this was my first ever time participating in a Tarot reading and I was quite apprehensive, but it was a soothing, spiritual experience which I highly recommend, I will return. Thank you!
Iga Si
Thank you for my very indepth and accurate reading. It was illuminating and helpful. You advised me on things i really needed to hear. I look forward to regular readings from you . Regards!
Laura Walker

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions”. Claude Lévi-Strauss​

Frequently Asked Questions

The art of asking the right type of questions starts with open-ended questions and then following them up with more  targeted/specific, clarifying questions. By doing so you  most likely will yield  more useful and well as insightful answers read more

More relax and open you are the better flow of energy during the reading will be. Focus on the main questions and have them ready for the reading. Let the session flow to where it needs to go. Sometimes the Tarot reading  will go in another direction because this focus gives you information you need to know  read more 

The truth is, the future is like a quicksilver. It flows towards and shapes itself to whatever from you offer it. So in the way we could say that by having a Tarot reading you test the flow in advance. If you like what you see in the predicted events either by taking towards them or by hanging out and allow events to unfold  towards you read more

 It’ is worth remembering that a psychic is just the messenger to pass on the information. Psychic usually connects to you and goes into your unconscious to seek answers for you. Sometimes you may not like what you hear, but then again, you may not always like what you hear from an honest friend. So don’t shoot the messenger read more

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