Daily Tarot Draw – Page of Wands

Daily Tarot Draw Page of Wands

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The Page of Wands foretells small beginnings connected with creativity, imagination and inspiration will be ready to unfold. Indicates that there is a need for more study, which will afford you a great deal of personal growth. It signifies that you can expect success in something that you have worked hard towards.

The Wands suit give us an imaginative, creative  energy full of enthusiasm and always ready to embark on some adventure or to try something new.

The element of Fire connected with the suit of Wands embodies positive qualities of artistic  flair  and creative ability. One of the drawbacks of the Wands/Fire element is a false sense of boundaries and limitations when deciding what to take on and what to rebuff.

This card has the power to bring freshness to your life, rejuvenation of a kind and some good news. When this card appears trust your imagination no matter how strange it is to find the solution to your problem.

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