Daily Tarot Draw – Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords daily Tarot draw
Seven of Swords

The Seven of Sword  hints that you should to be honest and upfront in all your dealings. Otherwise you will be caught out and this will have detrimental effects on many levels.

The Seven of Swords can carry a message that  we (or others) may feel obligated to behave in ways that are not direct, but which we accept, hoping that the end will justify the means.

It may also be implying that you are carrying a heavy load or burden upon your shoulders. You are asked to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others and not to take on other people’s responsibilities for them as this denies them the opportunity to learn the lessons of their own actions in regards to cause and effect.

You are asked to be wary of fanciful promises and should look carefully at any situation before making adjustments. You need to remain concentrated and focused at this time and should keep distractions to a minimum.

It also denotes that your plans are not working out as planned, so look for an alternative. If your plan does not work out you should not look to place blame on others, but rather look to yourself for reasons for the failure. It may also indicate that the most likely cause of failure is hasty actions and a lack of focus and concentration.

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