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General Tarot Reading

This Tarot Reading allow you look to number of different aspects of your life such as: love, career, finances and/or future. If have a question or subject you wish to explore, it's a good idea to focus on this before we start.

This will charge the reading and make for a much clearer process. If you don't have anything specific you want to focus on, this will give Tarot the opportunity to tell you what it wants you to hear.

During the reading you are free to ask questions or clarify information as we go along, there are no hard rules. In fact I encourage you to ask as many questions as you like, this will help you to get the most out of your reading.

Type of Questions You would like to Consider

Asking the right questions in your tarot reading is the key to gaining insight and unlocking the answers you seek.I would suggest you will avoid starting your questions with “Would”, “When” and “Should” and instead ask “What”, “How” and “Why”By doing so you  most likely will yield  more useful and well as insightful answers.

  • How I can to resolve this?
  • What I can do?
  • How I can change my current situation?
  • What is standing in my way?
  • Why I am being stuck?
  • What is at heart of this situation?
To get the best out of your reading please consider have a quick look at my suggestions on how to ask “the right type of questions

Book Your Reading

Tarot Reading

30 Mins Consultation
£ 25
  • This type pf reading is ideal for a quick dive into issue(s) you would like to cover during this session. Ideally for a number of simple questions that will give straight forward answers without going in too deep. You may ask as many questions as can be answered within 30 mins. For a more in depth reading you might consider booking a longer session. The reading can be conducted either: online or face to face

Tarot Reading

60 Mins Consultation
£ 40
  • This consultation allows you to look beneath the surface of challenging and/or stuck situations concerning areas of your: life, love, career, finances and/or future. To get the best out of your reading please take time to consider the framework for your session and the specific areas in which you would like to gain deeper insight. The Tarot reading can be conducted either: online or face to face.

Tarot Reading

90 Mins Consultation
£ 55
  • This reading will allow for a for a truly comprehensive in-depth look in to a number of different layers of key areas of your life. To uncover root cause(s) of presenting symptomatic issues regarding for example relationships and finance. It also gives scope to access wider dimensions, reveal unknown blockages and healing of shadow parts. The Tarot reading can be conducted either online or face to face.

About Your Tarot Reading Set Up

I am based in the little market town, bang in the middle between Peterborough and Cambridge, called Chattteris (Cambridgeshire, UK). And even though all my Tarot readings are being conducted in my reading room. You don’t need to live near by to have a Tarot reading with me.

In this day and age of easy and accessible technology, most of my Tarot readings are conducted online. Either via meeting platforms such as: Zoom, Facebook video chat or good old Skype, just to name a few. Whichever way, I am happy to use the method of contact preferred by you, the client.

The Online Tarot reading itself will be done with a virtual face to face connection. This will not only allow you to have the complete experience where I can share the cards imagery with you, but also receive and provide any messages at their fullest level.

If you like my energy and style please feel free to email or call to make an appointment.