How to target and focus your questions in your Tarot reading ?

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“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions”. – Claude Lévi-Strauss

From my personal experience when we are seeing any type of psychic reading we are seeking  answers to issues at hand.  As we might feel stuck, stagnant or unable to move on.

Asking the right questions in your tarot reading is the key to gaining insight and unlocking the answers you seek.

The art of asking the right type of questions starts with open-ended questions and then following them up with more more targeted/specific, clarifying questions. By doing so you  most likely will yield  more useful and well as insightful answers.

Thus I would suggest you will avoid starting  your  questions with “Would”, “When” and “Should”  and instead ask “What”, “How” and “Why”. 

So instead of asking, “Would I find a new job?” you might would like to ask, “What has been blocking me in finding a new job”?

The first question can only yield answers  “yes” or “no”. But the second question invites deeper reflection and opens the space for understanding how you can manifest your goal of finding a new job. 

Don’t be afraid of asking follow-up questions

Every question you ask can be broken down into ‘follow-up’ questions that serve to explore the different elements of the original question. For example, a question like, “What has been blocking me in finding a new job”?” can be broken down into the following questions: 

  • What will bring me closer to my goal?
  • What is the next step I need to take to achieve it?

Here are some good examples of both open and following up questions: 

  • What is at heart of this situation ?
  • What is working in my favour?
  • How I can to  resolve this ?
  • What do I need to know ?
  • What I can do ?
  • What is standing in my way ?
  • What the best way of approach in this situation ?
  • How I can overcome this situation/obstacle ?
  • What is the best choice between?

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