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In Short


My name is Mishka, I am psychic as well as Tarot Reader. Some would say that I am an 'Intuitive Tarot Reader'. What is this? You might ask. I guess the easiest way to explain it is, to have an ability to 'see' and to 'tune in' if you will.​ I have been reading Tarot cards for nearly 25 year now, without ever getting bored! On the contrary, my Tarot cards never cease to amaze me.

I am continuously discovering the new layers and wealth of meanings within my Tarot decks. Equally, I am one of those Tarot readers who constantly explores and researches the subject. I always read more than one book to expand my knowledge and understanding from different wisdom sources, such as: Numerology, Kabbalah etc., so to not become stale.

My Approach​​​

Is that the Tarot reading should be practical and informative. In my view, the aim of the Tarot reading should be such that it not only gives you an insight into a situation/issue(s) at hand, but also provides you with clarity that you might find useful for moving forwards in the best way possible, whilst at the same time facilitating healing and release.

That’s why my Tarot readings are:

– direct and to the point

– practical and without personal spin

What Is My Style ?

In my view nothing shapes our journey through life so much as the questions we ask. If were to gain new knowledge, we must begin with a whole world of new questions. That's why I will encourage you to ask direct questions that begin with: Why? How? What? By doing so you are really opening the door to any new insights but also to exploring and understanding the issue at hand, in depth.

My role during the reading is to guide you through the process by helping to pose 'focused and targeted questions' to work on the core of the your issue(s), challenges and/or stuck situations which might include areas of your love, family, career, money and/or future.

That's why I would consider myself as a 'proactive' Tarot Reader, who guides you through the reading by helping you to form questions that will find answers to yield the best results.

Tarot Readings Location​

I live in a little sleepy Fenland market town, called Chatteris in East Anglia. Yet, you don’t have to live close by to visit my reading room. Like most Tarot readers these days, I offer online card readings.

Online readings are not really different from any face to face readings. I use the same techniques and I will receive the same messages, regardless of the reading location and method of contact.

The only difference is that you won’t get the opportunity to meet my dogs and I won’t be able to make you a cupper.

Short Story Long

From early on, since my childhood, I had these profound experiences of ‘seeing’ different things, ‘feeling’ others and equally ‘knowing’ things without understanding how I knew them. I quickly realised that not everyone experienced so called ‘reality’ in the way I did. It became apparent that this way of interacting with the world and others is not what society deems as ‘normal’ and conventional. I had to find a way to hide it and fit in to the expected norms. So, to cope and compensate I became a highly analytical and scientific fact-based person. Yet, my ‘seeing’ and ‘inner knowing’ were still there and quite often my intuition would forcefully remind of its existence.

As a result, throughout my adult life I was trying to understand the nature of those almost mutually exclusive parts of me with the aim to reconcile them. If you were to ask me how I understand my intuition now, I would say that the most important contributing factor is how my cognitive functions are assembled and express themselves. This builds on a concept developed by Carl Jung and perfected by mother and daughter team, Myers-Briggs. This personality typology distinguishes 16 personality types. Mine is the INFJ, and as such my most natural state is to be consciously unconscious. In other words having one foot in the conscious moment and the other in the unconscious continuum. Due to this constant access to the unconscious mind and intuition-driven perception, this personality type knows things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why. This describes me to a tee.

The best way to express it or describe it, would be to say that it is like sliding doors opening to give me access to gather information from the past, gain insights as to what might be in the future to unlock possibilities in the present. So in a way, I constantly subconsciously gather copious amounts of sensory information from the environment. Due to this openness I am able to deeply empathise with other people’s emotions and ‘see’ their life experiences. I guess this makes me an Empath. In a way I have become a catalyst and facilitator of messages intended help.

Also, I often ‘think’ by way of very striking images rather than words. My intuition often manifests in the form of symbols, images, dreams, or patterns and therefore I tend to understand the world through the use of these abstract symbols and illustrations. I guess that’s why when I was 16, and had seen my fist Tarot deck, I had this instant connection with them. The symbols and imagery of the cards became almost ‘alive’. I was able to communicate with them and understood those abstract meanings behind them at some very basic yet subconscious level.

I hope this gives you a better understanding as to why I am an ‘Intuitive Tarot Reader’. So unsurprisingly, during my Tarot readings my intuition tends to take the lead and I trust it to guide me through. Even though on a very conscious level I know/understand the conventional meanings of Tarot cards, there is a wealth of meaning behind them! As for me, Tarot cards are more than just pictures that mirror a singular fixed meaning. They are story tellers that convey messages in motion picture fashion.

Code of My Ethical Practice

  1. To have as first priority the well being of the client, to endeavour to enhance the client’s self understanding, and to inspire hope and courage.
  2. To use the Tarot for the empowerment of others, i.e., to work in ways which promote the client’s control over his/her own life, and to respect the client’s ability to make decisions in the light of his/her own beliefs and values.
  3. To refrain from imposing personal judgements and prejudices during consultations
  4. When and If appropriate, I will suggest that clients consult a qualified professional. (e.g. health or legal professional.)
  5. Tarot Reading will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years
  6. To serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.
  7. To treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.
  8. To keep confidential the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during readings, unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law.
  9. To interpret the reading to be best of my ability, and admit freely when I am unable to do so. I will tell the truth of what I see, and will respect the wishes of a client who does not want to hear everything I have to say.
  10. To remain open to the acquisition of new skill.
  11. To pursue my own personal development.
  12. To maintain my own effectiveness, resilience, and ability to help clients.
  13. To uphold the integrity of the Tarot as an enduring source of wise counsel, spiritual guidance, and as a pathway to self knowledge.

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Please Remember !

The future is not set in stone. A Tarot card reading can be used to map out trends in your future. It cannot give you definitive answers, but it can tell you what is likely to happen if you follow your current course of action. You always have a choice.

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