Terms &Conditions

1. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted.

2. A session must be utilised within 60 days from the date of payment or it becomes nullified and must be purchased again.

3. You must be 18 years of age or over.

4. To secure a booking, the reading has to be paid for in advance.

5. Payments are authorised through Paypal’s secure site paid via either debit or credit card or your Paypal account if you have one. This site does not store credit card details nor will it share customer details with any 3rd parties. Please see Paypal’s Terms & Conditions

6. Life is uncertain and constantly changing. Sometimes even the best laid plans need to be changed. Just like any other professional who provides you services, it is important that you keep your appointments. If you are unable to keep our scheduled appointment for any reason then please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. I will be happy to reschedule our appointment to a time that is more convenient, with at least 48 hours notification.

7. For any reason (illness or personal), if I am not available or able to do your reading, I will give a full and complete refund and if you wish can re-book another session.

8. There are no refunds for missed appointments. There are no exceptions.

9. You will be contacted by me to schedule the reading for a mutually convenient time after payment has been received.

Legal Disclaimer

 UK law states that readings are for entertainment purposes only. The reading may contain advice or guidance. No responsibility will be taken by the reader for any decision or choice made as a result of the session. You also must be 18 years of age or over