The Blindfold Symbolism in Tarot

The Blindfold symbolism in Rider – Waite Tarot Deck can be only found in the suit of Swords. We see it depicted on the two following cards:

  • Two of Swords
  • Eight of Swords

And as usually in the Tarot we are dealing here with symbolisms within the symbolism.

So …. on the one  hand, two blindfolded figures are female.  This symbolic depiction  refers to the “passive” or, as some would put it, the “feminine” aspects of the cosmic/universal laws. 

For the other, we have the suit of Swords standing for the element of  Air. Energy that is masculine and active in its nature. 

Also the Air establishes itself in the intellect and it is thought to be the propagator of thinking, ideas as well as beliefs. It represents both seen and unseen aspects of the mental plain/universe. Ergo the element of Air relates to the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism: “The all is mind. The Universe is Mental”.

In this context, the blindfold symbolism puts the accent on the passive aspects of the expansive energy of Air. Mainly pointing to the fact that the air in its passive state can be stall, unseen and at times simply unnoticed. Hence the blindness. The fact that we don’t or can’t see, the proverbial “something”, does not mean that “thing” does not exist. In the other words the blindfold depicts  a physical representation of a mental blockage.

The symbolism of blindfold in the Rider – Waite Tarot Deck predominantly deals with an inability to see things clearly or simply to acknowledge what is taking place. Points to the reluctance to face the truth. Sometimes refers to an unwillingness to accept the facts, or a sign that something is being hidden.

When the blindfold symbolism takes a centre stage in the reading it may signify the following themes:

  • Resistance to face the facts
  • See no evil, hear no evil
  • Out of sight out of mind type of attitude
  • Wishfull thinking
  • Escapism
  • Willful blindness and/or denial
  • False perception of limited options
  • Tunnel vision

The blindfold  also might signify the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious, as wearing a blindfold represents a stasis or a lesser state of consciousness.

It may indicate moving blindly through life. Being unaware of the higher power indwelling and surrounding us. In this way, we are clueless as to our power and the interconnectivity between external and internal influence.

The blindfold in a Tarot reading denotes need to be honest with ourselves.  Illustrates a lack of intellectual honesty, without which we fail to address the problems that are there in front of us.

In positive aspects the blindfold may represent:

  • Objectivity
  • Impartiality
  • Lack of bias
  • Not paying attention to appearances
  • Connection to between two sides of brain

In negative:

  • To blind to see (literately)
  • Being blinded by someone or something
  • Not wanting to face reality
  • Skewed perception
  • Denial of facts
  • Engaging in fantasy and/or delusion
  • Being  driven by idee fixe. To the extend that if the truth would hit us in the face, we would still not see it.
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Avoidance

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