The Fool – Deviation Meaning

The Fool - Deviation Meaning
The Fool – Deviation Meaning

Arcanum: 0 

Alternative Names : The Joker, The Jester

Main Keywords:  Beginning, impulse, childlike, uncorrupt, pure potentiality, faith, quest, carefree, journey, changes, freedom, spontaneity. Extravagance, lack of discipline, frivolity, frenzy. Nativity, innocence, trust, openness. As well as a blind faith, infatuation, blind to the truth. 

Alternative Names: The Joker, The Jester

Astrology: Uranus

Planet affinity: Pluto, Uranus

Pluto is a planet of ‘hidden things’. Because of this there may be issues or circumstances that are not clear or are happening behind the scenes. Uranus, is forward-looking, rules the higher mind, it balks at tradition, and champions originality and individuality. 

Element: Air 

Chakra connection: Crown and base 

Main Meaning: Instinct, moment to act spontaneously, without plans or even thought. 

Key Phrases: A new chapter in life, ready to leap into unknown, fresh start, embarking on the journey or on a new stage in life, spontaneous venturing  into unknown, risk taking. Learning curve, learning experience through life, the school of life, absolute beginner. Journey toward self-discovery and self- knowledge. The enteral and/or blind optimism. Difficulty in planning ahead.  

Vibration of number Zero:  Zero can represents the concept of the cosmic egg or a bing bang. Can be understood as a pure potentiality or continuous circle without an end nor the beginning.  The cyclical nature of life. As all is infinite. Speaks of our ongoing learning experience through life. Can also represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights uncertainties.

Divination meaning: 

The Fool in a reading usually signifies new beginnings, whether it is a new job, new home, new relationship or new life chapter. This might be for a one hand a conscious choice for other a leap of faith and happy go lucky attitude towards life. 

The Fool is not a fool, he stand for: ‘ It is  necessary to take chances to achieve anything great in life’. Also  denotes that past mistakes must be looked into as lessons were learned through the experience.

Can represent the unpredictable, that the life is full of surprises. It might signal that it is a time to let go of the worries. To take a leap rather than being haunted by the specter of fear and self-doubt.

The Fool often depicts a person who takes risks in life and often struggles with their ego. Sometimes someone who might find difficult to listen to anyone’s advise. Perhaps avoids responsibility and  makes hasty and/or careless choices.

The Fool might be representing someone who is adventurous and fearful, seemingly open to all possibilities, yet apparently unaware of the dangers that appear in front of him along the way. Equally, someone who has a tendency to grow restless,  living on the go, constantly needs stimulation and craves variety.

Card might imply a literal physical journey or moving forward on the mental plane.

If you are on the crossroad and confused about making a decision the Fool  suggests to believe in yourself. Equally can act as a warning to look before taking so called ‘proverbial’ leap of faith. To not become blinded by the desires and goals. 

The Fool might be someone who is not yet ready to commit or to settle down. Either commitment pending on being able to remain independent. 


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