What about the future, can it be changed ?​

Tarot reader
Future and Tarot Reading

My job as Tarot Reader is to offer  you  a “blueprint” of the future based on the energy and focus of the present. Having this of map allows you to embrace both  opportunities as well as challenges of life head-on, prepared to maximise the potential of every experience.

For those of you who never experienced a tarot reading, the idea of glimpsing the future can be frightening indeed, especially if they believe their fate has long been sealed.

The truth is, the future is like a quicksilver. It flows towards and shapes itself to whatever from you offer it. So in the way we could say that by having a tarot reading you test the flow in advance. If you like  what you see in the predicted events either by taking towards them or by hanging out and allow events to unfold  towards you.

If you don’t like what you see, you can change your direction and thus change the future.

So in essence the tarot cards show the current energies and what they are leading up to. The future is not set in stone, and even if it was, stone can be broken. You always have a choice!

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