What is the reader’s role in the tarot reading process?

Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading Process

It’ is worth remembering that a psychic is just the messenger to pass on the information. Psychic usually connects to you and goes into your unconscious to seek answers for you. Sometimes you may not like what you hear, but then again, you may not always like what you hear from an honest friend. So don’t shoot the messenger. Keep in mind that the life more often than not provide us with what need instead of what we want. So we must be willing at least to entertain an idea of letting go of the life you might have imagined and/or planned for to have a more fulfilling one even though you might not see it yet.  It might sound like a  cliche however by having a reading you make a call  let’s say  to the “Universe” and during the reading you are receiving  a call back. So if  just maybe indeed what you were seeking  starts seeking you and everything  you are going through is actually is to prepare you for what you asked for?

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